About Me

About me.

There isn't much to really tell about myself.  I enjoy some out door activities such a Kayaking, Canoeing, etc when I can.  Though I don't really do such things alone, so it can be hard to find a time and someone else to go with, especially when you are a hermit like me. ^_^

Alright well I am not a true hermit, I am a bit like one in some ways.  I enjoy taking photographs, but I don't proclaim myself to be a amateur photographer or anything.  It's just something I enjoy doing, especially of nature or wildlife.

I'm in my  thirties and I live in the Ozarks area. Which you might notice given many of the pictures I post are from that area. 

If you want to email me, my email address is.     kwolf    @     nighthowl   .net       You will have to take the spaces out of that address.  Sorry I would post it normally except I don't want a bunch of bots collecting and using it.

Most of all about me, is a humble thank you for visiting my blog.  I mostly do it as a personal project and any one who takes time to visit here, let me say thank you very much.

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