Saturday, June 6, 2015

Devils Den Arkansas State Park March 2007

Devils Den is a state park located in Northwest Arkansas.  It's quite a beautiful park with many trails for hiking and horseback riding. There are cabins to rent, campsites to stay at, caves to see, quite a few things to visit while there.

You can find more information about Devils Den at the state's official site, by clicking here.

If you want you can also read about it on Wikipedia, by clicking here. 

The pictures I am posting below were all taken in March of 2007.

These first few pictures are all taken on one of the more simple trails in the park.  I cannot remember which one though.  On this trip I mainly stuck to the simple stuff as it was with a large family group.

There isn't much green in March, but I still find it very pretty, and a great time to look at some of the rock formations.

Getting to listen to some of the water drizzle down these rock steps was quite relaxing.

Even in Mid to Late March, you might find some wildlife on the trails on a very unseasonably warm day.
 Above is a picture of the dam that forms the small lake.    It's really a pretty place. This area would be very nice for a picnic.

Like above another shot of of the dam from a little further back.

This is the final picture I am posting from that trip.   Devils Den is a really great state park to check out. 

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