Sunday, May 10, 2015

Ice Storm January 2006

So in January 2006 we had an ice storm. The eletric company out here hardly does anything to 
maintain lines and such anyway. So when this ice storm came we ended up being without power for about two weeks. 

 I did manage to take a few pictures of some of the ice though. Granted there are places that get much worse than this.  At the time I was hardly thinking much about taking pictures outside of damage purposes.  I did though snap a few that were not about damages, and here they are. 

  So this first picture is just showing one of the many tree's who top ended up breaking due to the weight.

 It was kinda pretty overall, but also a very pointy land full of ice cycles .

This one above is the road to my house.  What you can't see is behind me was a power line down across the road.  I don't feel there is any need to really show that on here.

At the time though for the first few days after the ice storm.  Any time the sun would come out, everything would sparkle like crazy.  It was quite an interesting sight.

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