Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Summer of 2013

Originally planned to get this update up a bit earlier than this.   Been a hectic past few weeks though.  I also originally planned a video with this update that I had shot that summer, but I haven't really worked on that much yet.

So basically these are some pictures from the Summer of 2013. Basically got a nice Garter Snake who was in my bushes that summer, a snake hiding in a pool near a creek, and a praying mantis.

Thanks again to anyone who stops by to look at my pictures.

 You might not see him in the picture above, but in the ones below will be zooming in a bit closer.

 He was a fairly tiny little guy, honestly I'm a bit shocked I noticed him walking by in the evening.

                                                                       Another shot.

And then there is this one, which is probably the closest one I got that night, Didn't want to disturb him too much.

Bam Lets put a random Butterfly in between these snakes!

Ran into this one over the period of two days.  Was always hanging around in this pool
of water in a creek that was running a bit dry.

                                              More snake! Peeking from beneath a rock.

Still hanging out here the next day!


Well on the last day decided to creep out a bit more to be seen better.

                    This mantis was hanging out on a T post that makes up part of my front yard fence

                                                                   Final shot of the guy!

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